About Us

Mrs S. was all prepared and excited to be going on her Alaskan cruise.  But weeks before her departure while out for a leisurely walk she became breathless.  That evening she was rushed to the Emergency department where it was discovered she had a heart block.  Mrs S. underwent an angioplasty and the implantation of a stent. Feeling confident and comfortable that she was covered by her group travel benefit at work, she felt relieved that she would be able to recuperate on her upcoming cruise. What she didn’t know was that, inside her Emergency Travel Insurance policy was a qualifying criteria known as the – “Stability Clause.”  Simply stated, you have to be stable for a specific amount of time prior to your travel date, to be covered by the insurance company.Yourtravelinsurancepolicy

How many times have we heard that someone was denied their claim by the insurance company.   This leads people to think that the insurance company did not fulfill their end of the contract.  But the reality is, in most instances, the insurer did not fully understand the questions they were being asked, or they did not read the contract.  Understandably, the contract is long, tedious and at times somewhat confusing to understand.

The end of our story has a very happy ending for Mrs S.  After speaking with one of our agents, we were able to get a travel insurance policy that covered her trip and also her Pre-existing condition.

We are independent brokers who work together with the traveler and the insurance company in bringing the best possible travel policy to suit the individual unique needs.

Remember us when you are ready to take your next trip and we will assist you with Your Travel Insurance plan.  We look forward to hearing from you.