Get to Know Your Policy

Traveling CoupleWe hear it all the time, customers who think they are covered because they have purchased travel insurance through their credit card, another third party provider, or have a group insurance plan through an employer benefit program. But in reality, this may not be the case, and usually when discovered, it can be too late.

Take a look at some familiar terms and review these terms inside your policy before you depart:

Pre-Existing Condition – a medical condition that is present before your effective date of insurance coverage for which you have taken, received or been prescribed medication or treatment in the a specified time period before the effective date of your departure.

Medical Condition – defined in your policy booklet as an injury, illness or disease; complicated pregnancy within the first 31 weeks of pregnancy; mental or emotional disorders that requires admission to hospital; or acute psychosis.

Stability Clause – a medical condition is stable if all of the following apply:

  • you have not had a symptom, or an increase in how frequent or severe any existing symptom has become, and a physician has not found a new symptom.
  • you have not received any new test findings
  • your physician has not received any new test results, that are showing that your condition is getting worse.
  • you have not received, or been prescribed any new medication or a physician has recommended any new treatment or change in treatment.
  • you have not been in hospital or referred to a specialist or specialty clinic.
  • you have not had any further tests, that you are awaiting the results from.

Change in Medication – if the medication dosage has been changed, reduced, increased, stopped and/or new medication has been prescribed.  Exceptions to this rule are the routine adjustments made to medications such as Coumadin, Insulin, or Warfarin – as long as they are not newly prescribed or stopped.

   Other conditions, exclusions and limitations may apply – Please review your policy for further explanations.