Drinking and Travel Do Not Mix

Drinking and Travel Do Not Mix

First let me explain… By no means are we talking about no alcoholic beverages at all, that would neither be realistic or fun.  What we want to get across in this message is… “Drink Responsibly – Drink in Moderation.”  Now that sounds a bit more doable.

Fact: For many vacationers their vacation may entail a certain degree of drinking alcohol and partying – this is to be expected.  But do you know how much you can drink and not risk invalidating your travel insurance policy?  Yes, that’s right.  If your blood alcohol level is high then the emergency travel insurance policy you purchased would no longer be valid and a submitted claim would not be paid out.

The problem begins when excessive drinking leads to an accident, illness or injury to yourself or another person and then you try to claim on your insurance policy.  If circumstances of the claim are reported to have involved or been caused by excessive consumption of alcohol or other intoxicating substances, then any related claims on your insurance may be denied and you or your family could be facing a huge out-of-pocket medical bill.  So just how much is too much?  That depends and can vary from policy to policy and from company to company.

As a basic guide, it is fairly safe to conclude that if you are over the limit to drive, you are probably over the limit as far as any related insurance claims are concerned.  Let’s face it, no matter what type of insurance policy you have, it is not going to provide a license that condones excessive drinking or absolves any person from putting themselves or others at risk.

Read Your Policy

This cannot be emphasized enough! Unfortunately, many people fail to read through their policy to understand what is covered and what falls under the “exclusion” clause.

A great example, but not exclusive – Destination weddings, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Stag Parties are a recipe for a disaster, as they usually involve some serious drinking.  Most of the time these attendees do not take the time to even take out any Travel Insurance (this is another topic) far less take the time to read what it is they have purchased.  So when someone ends up in hospital with a concussion, busted nose or alcohol poisoning they don’t realize what is waiting for them when they sober up.  Also think about this.  A rum punch at most of these sunnier destinations probably has a much higher alcohol strength, than what we are used to being served at home. Couple that with, drinking while in the heat and now you have a recipe for dehydration.

One more thing of importance to mention – Drinking excessively while at the airport or on flights and becoming rowdy, aggressive or abusive, could mean being kicked off the flight or denied boarding.  This would not be considered a Trip Interruption or Cancellation, although some have tried!

Carefully read the policy and pay attention to the “exclusion” clause.  Ask a Travel Insurance Specialist if you are unclear or have any questions.

Be smart, use common-sense and always practice good judgement when traveling.

Olivia Boodram

World travel enthusiast, travel nurse, travel insurance specialist, I am Olivia Boodram and I want to help you make the best decision when it comes to making your travel plans. Your Travel Insurance will help to empower and educate you, on travelling smart and safely, and with Confidence. Getting Travel Insurance is one of the smartest things to do when travelling, but it is not exclusive. There are other things you must pay attention to and would probably want to know, before you get ready to go on your next trip. This website was designed with you in mind and your travel plans.

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