There’s a lot of planning that goes into making sure that a trip goes smoothly and with the no unwanted surprises. So you can imagine, trying to plan this trip, taking someone else’s likes, considerations and desires into account, can sometimes lead to moments of frustration and strife.
There are some key tips that you can apply to the planning process, that will hopefully keep those stressful moments to minimum or eliminate them all together.
Don’t dwell on petty stuff – as the saying goes “choose your battles.” Maybe the thing you find particularly annoying about your travelling companion, is not something worth fighting over, and ruining your trip. So wait when the timing is better to bring the subject up.
Plan your itinerary together. The more you that all party members are part of the planning stage, the less likely there will be any cause for friction and frustration while on the trip itself.
Plan a Budget – This gives everyone a clear description and understanding of the boundaries, so again no one has to feel irritated or being taken advantage of.
Reduce your Alcohol content – There are many obvious reasons for this, but they all lead back to one fundamental issue. Too much, can definitely ruin your vacation for yourself and everyone else in attendance.
Making sure that you have a safe, fun and healthy trip is what this channel is all about.
So leave any comments or suggestions in the comment section below, if there is something you like to do when you are travelling that helps to make your trip with others, as peaceful and enjoyable for everyone.