Visitors to Canada

Visitors to Canada

Visitors to Canada will need to have emergency health coverage for those unexpected illnesses or injuries. There are several plans available for most age groups, to cover those expenses.  Finding a plan that is suitable for those individual needs can be a daunting task.  Especially when it comes to filling out the medical questionnaire.  It is very important to fully understand the policy that you purchase, in providing the appropriate coverage.

The plans are suitable for Visitors to Canada (VTC), immigrants and those individuals who are awaiting coverage with their provincial plans.  There are a select number of plans to choose from and one to suit your budget.  Many of the VTC plans meet the Super Visa requirements, that is mandatory coverage for parents or grand-parents who plan to visit Canada for any extended period of time.

Next time you have a visitor or you are returning to Canada with no providential health coverage, do not leave yourself vulnerable financially for any unexpected medical emergency.  Get the coverage before arriving in Canada, so your protection starts right away. Speak to a travel insurance specialist.

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